Sweets at the Beach

Every beach town needs a candy store filled to the brim with sweets to spoil both visitors and residents alike. Luckily for the residents and visitors of New Smyrna, Beachside Candy Co. answers the call- or should we say craving.


As a vision of teal, pink and white, it’s hard to miss Beachside Candy Co. the moment you arrive on Flagler Ave. But as inviting and alluring as it may look on the outside, inside Beachside Candy Co. is where the real magic happens.

With bright, beachy décor and homemade chocolate, ice cream, old-fashioned candy, retro candy, novelties, gifts and bikes rentals, stepping inside Beachside Candy Co. is like taking a trip to Willy Wonka’s cooler surfer twin’s candy shop. It’s easy to see why Beachside Candy Co. has been a tradition for families and individuals alike since they opened their doors in 2008.

Julie, the owner of the store, has used her creative genius to make the store come to life with little details that kids and adults alike enjoy.

“We do all chocolate in different types of shapes like alligators, chocolate covered pretzels and Twinkies,” said Julie.

Shelves are filled with chocolate starfish, turtles, palm trees and sand dollars and mesmerize the youngest of guests while salt-water taffy and old-fashioned candy bring a smile to the older guests.

Its apparent that Julie and her team love making Beachside Candy Co. a kids dream. From the imagination-inspiring chocolates to the kid drawings covering the counter, kids are clearly the central focus of Beachside Candy Co.


“Its an ongoing thing- if the kids draw a picture I display it and they get ice cream- I call it Arts and Ice Cream because that way they get to draw and have fun with it and they get a treat at the end. And they always come in looking for their picture,” said Julie.

This type of small-town charm and hospitality is part of what makes New Smyrna so special, and is something Julie is well aware of.

“I love the small town feel and the people who make it unique. Everyone is kind, generous and open minded,” said Julie.

Julie tries to keep Beachside Candy Co. consistent with the small-town charm and strives to support other local businesses.


“Most of the chocolates we make here, and with the gifts, we try to sell things locally made, like our sugar scrub and soy candles- we like to keep things local,” said Julie.

Next time you are on Flagler Ave, make sure to stop by Beachside Candy Co. and grab a sweet treat before renting one of their bikes for a ride down the beach.

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