5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a big deal when you are selling your home because it’s the first impression buyers will see, and often times it can either make or break their impression of your home. Here are five easy ways to spruce up your curb appeal on a budget:


  • Add shutters

Shutters are an easy way to add character to your home without breaking the bank. Shutters provide that extra touch of character and help frame big windows by giving the eye something to focus on. When it comes to shutter options, wooden shutters give an extra homey-feel, but in humid climates, such as Florida, wood shutters will deteriorate over time. A nice alternative to wooden shutters are plastic shutters, which are ideal for humid climates because of their durability. Plastic shutters are also a little friendlier on the budget than wooden shutters and can be less maintenance.


  • How are your numbers?

When was the last time you looked at your house numbers? Chances are your house numbers have seen better days and are showing it. If your house numbers are rusted, faded, dirty or distressed, consider purchasing a new set from a hardware store. A good rule of thumb is to match the finish of your house numbers to the finish of your exterior lighting – avoid contrasting finishes and go for a unified look.


  • Flower Power

It’s no secret that planting flowers adds curb appeal, but before you go out and buy a dozen daisies, stand back and critically look at your home from the street. Better Homes and Gardens suggests resisting the urge to buy every plant that catches your eye and instead aiming for five to 10 perennials, one or two trees and three to five shrubs. This will give your yard a cohesive look and save you the trouble of trying coordinate several mini gardens throughout your yard.


Thoughtfully planned flowers add instant curb appeal to a home.

  • Go Solar

Not solar panels – solar lights. Solar lights can line a walkway or flowerbed, and add a touch of class to your front yard for little money and effort. Or, if you have a prominent tree in your front yard add a solar light or two to illuminate it at night, giving your yard the instant elegance of a 5-star resort.


  • Paint your front door

Your front door should make a statement about the home, but it should also be the unifying piece that ties the whole picture together. Just remember not to skip the primer, as tempting as it may be. Your front door is exposed to the elements constantly, so that primer is going to be necessary to keeping your paint job intact.


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