Dogs Rule in New Smyrna Beach

With endless sunny days, miles of beaches and a laid-back culture, New Smyrna Beach lends itself to being a dog-friendly town. With a dog beach right on the ocean, multiple outdoor restaurants that are dog friendly, and numerous biking and walking paths, it’s not uncommon to see dogs out and about in New Smyrna. This week we are featuring a local business that has been keeping the dogs and cats of New Smyrna happy since 2007.

Silly Willies is a local pet boutique featuring unique dog and cat toys, pet food, treats, and much more. Since opening their doors in 2007, Silly Willies has seen a lot of change, said owner Vicki.


“When we first got here this street was a ghost town,” said Vicki, referring to the store’s Flagler avenue location.

Today, Flagler Avenue is the dynamic pulse of the town, filled with people and bursting with quaint stores and restaurants, showing the growth New Smyrna has experienced just over the past nine years.

Vicki understands why New Smyrna has seen such rapid growth.

“We have one of the prettiest beaches around. I’ve gone to other beaches and I always come back here. And there are always things to do; you should never be bored in this town. There are tons of really good restaurants and really nice shops,” said Vicki.

Shops just like Silly Willies, which Vicki said strives to provide locals and tourists with unique high-quality products that you can’t find just anywhere. That means everything from beach-themed collars with sharks and fish on them to fish-shaped indestructible toys for every sized dog.

“We are always searching for high quality products and a reasonable price. I think there’s a balance and we try to find that,” said Vicki.

Vicki also believes in employing other local businesses in the area and has several products from local Florida vendors. Vicki owns and manages a local treat factory called Kennel Master Foods, which employs about 15 people and supplies the shop with their famous chicken dog treats.


Vicki believes it is important to support other locals and to shop locally in order to preserve the unique culture and character of New Smyrna.

“We hear people all the time saying that they were in Daytona and then they found this and decided to stay here because it’s much quieter, just quainter and cozy” said Vicki.

Even though New Smyrna Beach isn’t Florida’s best kept secret anymore and is the vacation spot for thousands of tourists a year, local businesses like Silly Willies help New Smyrna Beach keep its unique charm and character.

Next time you are on Flagler Avenue, stop by Silly Willies with your dog and let your dog try one of their famous chicken treats- just know you might have to leave with a bag of treats!

As always, if you are looking to make New Smyrna Beach home, please contact us to help you find your dream home.


Happy shopping!


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